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iPhone 7 Plus Repairs

Rear Camera Repair - $94.99
Front Camera Repair - $39.99

The iPhone 7 Plus was released in 2016 along side its smaller brother, the iPhone 7, and continued the success that the Apple iPhone had with the 6s and 6s Plus models. This was the third time that the iPhone was offered in a 5.5 inch form factor along with 4.7 inch form factor of the iPhone 7 in order to appeal to the area of the market that wanted an even larger iPhone model.


Apple's release of the iPhone 7 Plus was a huge success as it became the best selling smartphone of 2016 according to ZDNet. The phone also rocks an aluminum body as it did in the previous few years. The iPhone 7 Plus also featured the capacitive home button that can be found on its little brother, the iPhone 7. Apple did introduce something new with the Plus model though. This year they decided to put a dual camera set up in the Plus model and give it the ability to shoot photos in portrait mode. This along with the iPhone 7 Plus' large form factor made it the go to choice for many consumers event though it carried a larger price tag than the iPhone 7. Because of it is age the iPhone 7 Plus is no longer covered under the one year manufacturer warranty.


At Bulldog Mobile Repair we offer a range of high quality repairs for the iPhone 7 Plus including the most common screen repairs, and battery repairs, as well as charging port repairs and more. Whether you have a broken screen or a battery that leave you clinging to the wall outlet for dear life, we are here to help! 

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