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Apple to kill Right to Repair Act in California and how it affects you right here in Athens, GA

apple right to repair
Right to Repair your iPhone

Do you like being able to repair your own iPhone or being able to take it to a cheaper 3rd party repair shop? Well Apple is trying to make this next to impossible in California.

Being able to have access to parts or manuals to repair a device that you spent your cold hard cash on would be nice but apple doesn’t seem to see it that way. Having access to parts and manuals would be beneficial to almost everyone.

It would allow people to develop skills in technology and give them the knowledge to be able to solve most of their own tech issues instead of having to pick up the phone and call tech support every time something goes wrong. It would also benefit 3rd party repair shops as they would now be able to repair issues far more advanced that an iPhone screen or battery repair.

The only people that wouldn’t really benefit from Right to Repair Acts is Apple. They want to control your entire iPhone experience and that includes repairs. That control allows them to charge whatever price they want effectively creating a monopoly.

The effects of these high repair rates can be seen the most of consumers who opt not to buy into Apple’s “AppleCare Program” or those who have chosen to use their devices far past the expiration of their Apple Care Plan as their devices still functions as it should. Take for instance the iPhone X Screen Repair which Apple charges $279 for.

At a third party shop such as the one here in Athens, GA, Bulldog Mobile Repair, a customer can get this repair completed for just $179! That’s a $100 savings for the exact same repair!

Another reason Apple charges so much for their repairs is because they want to force you to upgrade your device. After All that’s where they make the bulk of their money, from new iPhone sales.

If they can shut down right to repair acts, like they are lobbying to do in California, then they can effectively corner you into either paying an outrageous rate to repair your current iPhone or just upgrading to the latest iPhone.

When faced would that option I believe it’s safe to say that most people would opt to upgrade to the newest iPhone. And it pretty sad that that’s the reality because more that likely their current iPhone could have lasted them a few years had they just been able to get a more reasonable repair rate.

If your concerned about having to option to visit third party repair shop to get an affordable repair right here in Athens, Georgia be sure to check out and add your name to already long list of those who would like to see the right to repair legislation passed here in the state of Georgia!

And if you are currently in the Athens, Georgia area and are in need of a cell phone or iPhone repair don’t hesitate to come see us at Bulldog Mobile Repair! We off the best and most affordable phone repair service in the Athens area!

And if you don’t currently need a cell phone repair you can still stop and let us know you read our article!

Thanks and join us in the comments below if you have any questions or would like to continue the discussion!

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