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Can You Hear Me?- Apple's Microphone Repair Shenanigans

Apple is currently charging 300 dollars for a repair they used to do for free due to an issue breaking ones microphone if they had the Iphone 7 and 7 plus. Website, did some investigating and uncovered an internal document from Apple acknowledging a microphone issue for the above models running iOS 11.3 and later. The documents discusses steps to fix the problem and if the problem is not resolved it suggests they be given a free repair. That was back in July of 2018, now that policy does not exist and no one will even admit it ever existed regardless of the words on paper.

Macrumors has reached out to Apple but there has been no comment. The issue seems to still continue on the newest iOS as of this posting. Macrumors believes this to be a hardware issue due to the number of complaints and the persistent issue even after many updates. This does leave the Apple community wondering why they don't still cover the repair. This hurts enough but the massive price point of 300 dollars if you are out of warranty is crazy, for example out price for that same repair is 69 dollars and I'm sure other third part repair stores are in a similar ball park. Hopfully Apple will fix this issue soon but in the mean time see us or another store near you to have your repair done, 300 is far too high of a price for such a repair. - Bulldog's

If you would like to read the original post, link is below.

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