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iPhone showing the Apple Logo then going back off

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

This is also known as a Boot loop. A boot loop can occur when there is damage to either software or hardware on your device. When you power on a device and it fails to complete it’s booting process (start sequence) it will enter a loop continuously repeating the boot logo.

Common causes of boot loops include:

Software failure

Failing battery Board damage

iPhone stuck on Apple logo
This is commonly the screen shown in an iPhone boot loot

Software failure can occur when a software update is interrupted or fails to complete properly, and is one of the main causes of a boot loop. With iPhones a boot loop can also be caused by a damaged or failing front camera. In some cases with the iPhone 7 or 8, a boot loop can be caused by a damaged home button or even a defective lcd that does not allow the home button to function properly. If you experience this issue try a hard reset.

If this article does not resolve your issue, stop by Bulldog Mobile Repair and visit with one of our friendly technicians.

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